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Monday, 8 March 2010

Improving Reliability for Intelligent Wells - Well Annular Barrier

Welltec Well Completions visualize "Intelligent Design of Wells" whereby CAPEX is invested when (if) production dictates, life of well reliability is achieved through both simplicity in design and replaceability of hardware; and well flexibility is retained to enable side tracks, laterals and future planning for well abandonment.

Welltec's Well Completion Products (WCP) will deliver life of well reliability with on demand solutions that delivers well design flexibility to maximize production as the reservoir matures.

Well Annular Barrier (WA)
First WCP to market is the Well Annular Barrier (WAB), a hydraulic expandable metal annular barrier with a technical specification that far surpasses swell packer or external casing packer solutions on the market. The WAB maintains maximum well bore with expansion capability up to 1.4 times on running OD operated via surface control and has capacity to seal up to 10,000 psi delta P during injection and stimulation operations. The life and performance of the barrier is independent of downhole fluid type.

During 2009, Welltec® was awarded a contract for the qualification of the WAB for an ultra deep, deep water high pressure well. The WAB forms part of an integral single trip, frac and pack completion. It was selected for this high value well based on its many advantages compared to external casing packers or swell packer type solutions.

Further WAB developments are being implemented. In particular, solutions for wells that experience ultra high draw downs between zones and wells that have ultra high temperature requirements.

Future Developments
Apart from the WAB, Welltec® will be introducing additional Well Completion Products to the industry, including valves to deliver constant flow into the well and a patch thru patch solution.

For more information, please visit or contact Corporate VP Well Completions & Technical Marketing Paul Hazel at [email protected]


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