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Monday, 8 March 2010

Subsea Well Intervention Services on Electric Wireline

Welltec® has recently introduced a new range of services: subsea interventions performed through Riserless Light Weight Interventions (RLWI) techniques.

Through RLWI technology, Welltec® provides increased access to subsea wells at one third of the cost of a typical intervention. Oil companies are presented with improved monitoring of their reservoirs, access to more information and significantly improved operating efficiency. In addition, HSE benefits are champing at the bit, including lightweight technology, no heavy lifts, easy transportation, less people on board and the ability to perform operations from small vessels - in contrast to the large and costly moored, semi-submersible drilling rigs required by traditional methods.

Welltec® will offer a variety of electric wireline services for subsea wells including production logging, installation of plugs and packers to isolate specific zones, perforations, scale milling and sand removal.

World Record Water Depth for Subsea Riserless Light Well Intervention
In 2010, Welltec® was part of a team that completed a world record riserless subsea well intervention on 9/32" electric wireline in a gas producing well. The intervention was executed in 2,975 feet of water depth and another 12,000 feet measured depth downhole from a Dynamically Positioned type 2 multi service vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Well Tractor®, Well Miller® and Well Key® were successfully deployed on electric wireline through the open water, subsea lubricator and into the well.

Case History - Riser Less Subsea Scale Milling in Three Hours
In the North Sea, Welltec® has completed a successful calcium carbonate scale milling operation at a record setting time. The job was executed on a subsea well from an intervention vessel as a RLWI.

The operator was experiencing reduced production and was not able to run a production log to total depth to locate the problem due to a large restriction at 17,034 ft MD. The Well Tractor® and Well Miller® configured with a novel 5.7" convex bit were mobilized and tagged the scale. Milling continued down to 17,052 ft until there was no indication at surface of milling in scale.

The intervention was performed extremely fast: in three hours of downhole operations, 18 ft of calcium carbonate scale was removed. Furthermore, the operation led to a significant increase in oil production.

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