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Friday, 26 February 2010

Fabio Gomez, Tenaris' Russian Sales Director, talks OCTG and Line Pipe with ROGTEC Magazine

Please introduce yourself with a short bio and your history in Russia
Since 2008 I have been based in Moscow, serving as Tenaris's Sales Director for the CIS region. I am a Mechanical Engineer.

How long have you been doing business in the region?
Tenaris has been present in Russia since 1992. We opened our office in Moscow in 2004. During 2008, we have doubled the size of our office, incorporating local staff to our Commercial team.

Do you have specific target markets in the region? (ie Russia, Kazakhstan, key regions or market sectors offshore, EOR etc?)
For the CIS region we have built a team of technical and field specialists to serve our customers throughout the region. Along with our office in Moscow, we also have a presence in Kazakhstan through our office in Almaty and our threading facility in Aktau.

We are a supplier of tubular technologies and related services to oil and gas companies such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, KCO, KPO and TCO. Our technology benefits our customers' challenging operations including applications in both offshore and onshore extended reach wells, sour environments and Arctic temperatures.

We are working to complement service companies such as Weatherford to contribute to drilling with casing projects. Also, we are introducing our Blue™ Near Flush connection technology in the Caspian Sea region.

What are your key products for the region and their benefits?
We currently offer tubular technology solutions for unconventional operations, such as extended reach wells, offshore operations or extreme temperatures, which are becoming increasingly more common throughout the region.

Our Dopeless® technology, a dry coating, is a strong alternative for operators in the Russian tundra, where sand storms and dust can cause galling when dope is employed during running.

Our TenarisHydril Wedge Series 500™ and Blue™ Series connections were designed for demanding applications. They can handle the high-torque requirements of extended reach and deep wells. Combined with the Dopeless® option, we can provide significant cost, HSE and operational benefits to oil and gas companies drilling offshore.

We also offer a wide variety of steel grades for complex environments. Our Sour Service grades enjoy a proven track record in the CIS region, especially in Caspian Sea developments. Our High Collapse grades withstand high pressures exerted by the reservoir or by ground movements or saline stratus, subjecting pipes to extreme localized external pressure.

How do you compare and compete with existing Russian Technology?
With our offer of technologically advanced products and related services, we are looking to complement local providers' manufacturing capabilities.

We contribute to Russian development with proven technology, logistical and material selection expertise. Working alongside our customers, we deliver solutions for complex operating environments.

When a customer selects a solution from our TenarisHydril premium connections portfolio, our Field Services team trains the local running team or performs the running for the customer. Our purpose is to promote knowledge transfer and encourage innovation in oil and gas drilling techniques.

How do you see the market developing over the next 5 years in your industry sector?
For the next five years we expect that drilling activity will increase mainly in the oil segment as Russia is looking to develop new areas to sustain or increase oil production. Tax incentives for select strategic areas will boost this trend.

Fields like Vankor, Sakhalin and those located in the north Caspian region are located in more demanding environments, requiring more advanced tubular technology solutions.

Regarding gas, we expect the development of significant projects such as Shtokman or Bovanenkovo in the Yamal Peninsula. Like the oilfields, these environments are very complex and require unique technology and experience.

For Shtokman, we believe Tenaris can make an important contribution. We previously worked with StatoilHydro, a partner in Shtokman, for the Snohvit project in the North Sea. Shtokman shares many of the same characteristics: it is an offshore gas project in an Arctic environment. We believe our experience and products are well positioned to make a significant contribution to this project.

Do you have any new products being launched?
We will soon be extending the Dopeless® technology solution, already available on our TenarisHydril Blue™ Series, to other products in our premium connections portfolio. We see a strong potential for this technology in offshore, extended reach and other demanding wells.

Do you have any recent regional success stories?
We have provided our TenarisHydril Blue™ connections and Dopeless® technology for Rosneft's Vankor project. Tenaris also provided Gazprom with sour service tubes and TenarisHydril Blue™ connections for the Astrakhan, Orenburg and Kuban regions. We have also supplied sour service tubing for Naryanmarneftegaz, a key project for the alliance between ConocoPhillips and Lukoil. In the Caspian region, we have worked with KCO on the Kaashagan development and with KPO on the Karachaganak project. We also have an agreement with Chevron for the Tengiz development.


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Polarcus receives Letter of Intent from Gassnova for 3D seismic acquisition, offshore Norway.

Polarcus Limited (OAX: PLCS) announced today that it has received a Letter of Intent from Gassnova SF, the Norwegian state enterprise for carbon capture and storage (CCS), for two 3D seismic acquisition projects offshore Norway comprising of a minimum of 405 square kilometers and potentially up to a total of 900 square kilometers. The program will be acquired by Polarcus Naila, the Company's second 12 streamer 3D seismic vessel. The program will commence in June 2010 and may run for up to 50 days.

"We are very pleased to have been entrusted by Gassnova with this high profile project." commented Rolf Rønningen, CEO of Polarcus. "Carbon Capture and Storage is fast becoming recognized as one of the key means to reduce CO2 emissions, with Norway one of the countries pioneering the effort to securely capture and store CO2 in suitable geologic formations under the North Sea. This new and growing business activity is also very much in keeping with our own Explore Green values and we are looking forward to participating on this exciting program."


Rolf Ronningen, CEO Polarcus, +971 4 436 0800 / +971 50 459 6982

Tom Henrik Sundby, CFO Polarcus, +971 4 436 0800 / +971 50 708 6480

About Polarcus

Polarcus is a pure play marine geophysical company with a pioneering environmental agenda, specializing in high-end towed streamer data acquisition from pole to pole. Polarcus is launching a fleet of modern 3D seismic vessels using the innovative ULSTEIN X-BOW® design and incorporating advanced maritime technologies for improved operational efficiency with a reduced environmental footprint. Polarcus offers contract seismic surveys and multi client projects worldwide and has its principal office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information, visit


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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Custom Cat® 3508 Petroleum Genset Overcomes Tough Conditions to Power Operations at Libya's Amal Oil Field

Harouge Oil Operations, with offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya, recently approached its local Cat® dealer, Meditrac, with a custom power package request. Harouge operates four oil fields as a joint venture between the National Oil Corporation and Petro-Canada. The company explores and produces petroleum from eight concessions in Libya.

"Management at Harouge Oil Operations approached Cat dealer Meditrac Libya for a customized power solution to provide electric power for a down hole pump located in Amal Field," explains Lyle Kemper, Senior Project Engineer for Caterpillar Global Petroleum.

Amal Field is Harouge's largest oil field that includes eight different reservoirs ranging from a minimum depth of 2300 ft. to more than 12,000 ft (700 - 3700 meters). Amal Field is directly and indirectly responsible for around 400,000 barrels of oil per day, equivalent to around one-third of the national production.

For this project, Harouge requested a customized enclosure for operation in a higher-temperature environment. Environment was a key factor for this application. Due to the extreme temperatures, and blowing sand, this solution required a customized container, specialized radiator and generator.

Responding to the customer's needs, Caterpillar Global Petroleum and Meditrac provided Harouge with a purpose-built Cat 3508 generator set with a customized desert enclosure appropriate for the high temperature petroleum environment. The rest of the package is completely customized for a 55-degree ambient, dusty environment and includes:

  • A generator with Digital Voltage Regulator rated at 500 ekW prime
  • A custom EGCP generator control panel
  • A skid-mounted desert enclosure with crane lifting points
  • Sand trap louvers and collapsible hood air intake system
  • Switchgear
  • Complete exhaust system with heat insulation
  • Roof-mounted, hospital-grade muffler
  • Access doors for equipment and personnel
  • Fire detection and suppression system

The most customized part of this solution is the sand enclosure. Built to withstand flying sand, the enclosure is equipped with collapsible and motorized sand louvers that can be electronically opened and closed to keep sand out. These louvers filter air and sand, trapping the sand before it reaches the generator set. The sand falls to the floor and can be cleaned out periodically.

Also inside the container is the customized switchgear, as requested by the customer.

"As the Global Petroleum Division of Caterpillar, our main priority is to support Cat dealers all around the world by building and providing the best and most complete petroleum power solutions for customers," Kemper adds. "We work closely with Cat dealers, and customers if necessary, to provide package flexibility and technical advice to assure they have the best solution for their application. We offer customized solutions that range from a basic engine package to highspec enclosed modules and everything in between."


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TGS exercises Right of First Refusal for extension of vessel charterReference is made to the notices published by Polarcus Limited on 19 October 2009

Reference is made to the notices published by Polarcus Limited on 19 October 2009 and subsequently on 10 December 2009 regarding the Seismic Charter Agreement between Polarcus and TGS for the charter of the 12 streamer 3D seismic vessel Polarcus Nadia. Polarcus Limited (OAX: PLCS) announced today that further to the referenced notifications, TGS has today exercised their Right of First Refusal, under pre-agreed commercial terms, for the first 6 month extension of the vessel charter to commence upon completion in May 2010 of the initial 5,000 square kilometer program.

The Right of First Refusal for TGS to extend the charter for a second 6 month increment upon completion of the first increment remains in full force and effect.


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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Polarcus takes delivery of second 3D seismic vessel

Polarcus Limited (OAX: PLCS) announced today that Polarcus Naila AS, a member of the Polarcus Group, today took delivery of Polarcus Naila, a modern 12 streamer 3D seismic vessel built to the ULSTEIN SX124 design. Polarcus Naila is the sister ship to Polarcus Nadia, delivered to the Polarcus Group in December 2009. The vessel was built at Drydocks World - Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and will transit to West Africa to commence a charter for Noble Energy Cameroon Limited.

Polarcus Naila is a purpose-built seismic vessel incorporating the innovative ULSTEIN X-BOW® and designed to meet the exacting specifications for offshore seismic operations worldwide. The 88.8m double-hulled vessel incorporates some of the most recent developments in maritime systems and is fitted out with the most advanced seismic technology commercially available, including the latest generation Sentinel® solid streamers. Polarcus Naila is one of the safest and most environmentally sound seismic vessels in the market with diesel-electric propulsion, high specification catalytic convertors, DP2 dynamic positioning, and advanced bilge water cleaning, enabling the vessel to conform to existing and envisaged IMO and Class rules and to comply with the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) stringent CLEAN-DESIGN and COMF-V(3) class notations.


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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


XYR 6000 Transmitters Convert Up to Three Measurements into Wireless Sensor Signals; Help Plants Save 30 Percent Over Similar Devices

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) has added universal input/output (I/O) transmitters to its family of XYR 6000 wireless products. The transmitters allow manufacturers to wirelessly monitor more plant points with fewer devices. By transmitting signals from up to three different types of inputs - including measurement devices with a high-level analog, temperature or milli-volt, or contact-closure switch input - the XYR 6000 Universal I/O transmitters can help plants save up to 30 percent in costs over similar devices that can transmit signals from only two inputs.

This XYR 6000 family of transmitters, which includes a version that can transmit up to two inputs and provide a local discrete output, is ideal for applications such as wirelessly monitoring level switches, pump status and system alarms. The devices also carry intrinsically safe approvals from FM Global and the Canadian Standards Association for use in hazardous areas.

"More manufacturers today are considering wireless monitoring to improve asset management while saving costs, but converting to a wireless infrastructure isn't always easy," said Raymond Rogowski, global product marketing manager wireless, Honeywell Process Solutions. "Devices such as the XYR 6000 Universal I/O Transmitter can ease the transition to wireless and help plants reap the overall safety, equipment reliability and process efficiency benefits that come with it.

The new devices complement the other wireless transmitters in Honeywell's XYR 6000 product line, which includes transmitters for: absolute, gauge and differential pressure, temperature, analog input, discrete inputs, corrosion monitoring and valve position. These devices are critical elements of Honeywell's overall OneWireless™ solution, the company's industrial wireless mesh network designed to meet ISA100.11a hardware requirements. The network can simultaneously support thousands of devices - including various transmitters, mobile operator technology and physical security equipment - to more efficiently monitoring processes, assets and people.


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Monday, 15 February 2010

Caterpillar Announces EPA Tier 4 Petroleum Products Up to 1200 bhp

Caterpillar continues to leverage its design and integration expertise to offer a full line of Tier 4 engines, including early Tier 4 Final for selected petroleum engines. Caterpillar will make a significant transition to meet Tier 4 regulations through the integration of a suite of next generation emission reduction technologies to optimally meet and exceed requirements of oil and gas customers.


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