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Baker Hughes Expands Line of Advanced Metal Milling Structures

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

New Shapes Offer Improved Performance during Wellbore Intervention

Baker Hughes recently introduced METAL MUNCHER™ AMT (advanced milling technology) cutters to achieve greater efficiency and longer runs with cutting and milling systems used for casing exits and wellbore intervention. Clean and efficient milling operations help operators reduce risks and prevent nonproductive time.

The new cutting structures, featuring insert shapes and metallurgies customized for specific applications, provide more efficient cutting and enhanced durability and impact resistance, resulting in longer runs and fewer trips.

Engineered using pressed sintered tungsten carbide, the AMT cutters are available in a variety of shapes and metallurgies. Depending on the application, a milling tool may include several types of AMT cutters to optimize various aspects of the milling operations. The cutters are designed to mill even the toughest steels, including high chrome and nickel-content materials. The durable technology increases milling penetration rates, extends effective time on bottom in high volume milling applications, and enables greater flexibility during the milling process.

METAL MUNCHER™ AMT cutters feature sharp profiles with chip breaking features to control cutting size and shape, enabling efficient cutting removal and debris management.

Field operators have reported as much as a 300 percent improvement in wear resistance and longevity with Baker Hughes’ inserts. The cutting structures are enabling operations that previously were not feasible due to milling inefficiencies. In the North Sea, METAL MUNCHER™ AMT inserts are driving success in slot recovery and plug and abandonment operations where high volume milling applications are commonplace. In North Dakota, a METAL MUNCHER AMT mill was used to successfully mill out 79 composite plugs in two horizontal wells, in one trip per well, achieving a new record for fracturing plug removal.


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