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Schlumberger Releases Latest Version of its Wellbore Software Platform

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Techlog 2011 delivers a step-change in usability, together with integrated pore pressure prediction and extended mineral solver capabilities

Schlumberger announced today at the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts Annual Symposium the release of Techlog* 2011 software, which delivers a next generation application interface and expansion of customization capabilities.

“This latest release of Techlog enables customization at several levels of granularity—from the corporate perspective, within a project, and for the petrophysicist, geoscientist or engineer,” said Stephanie Gottlib-Zeh, vice president, Geoscience and Drilling, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS). “This ensures consistency and auditability, while still supporting productivity and personalized workflows for individual users.”
The new Pore Pressure Prediction module incorporates industry standard methods to compute the pore pressure and fracture gradients and establish the safe mud weight window to ensure safe drilling operations. The 2011 release also sees the full implementation of GeoFrame* ELAN functionality in Techlog, augmenting the existing mineral solver capabilities with the proven algorithms from this industry recognized application. Other advanced applications such as NMR and Wellbore Imaging received significant upgrades in this release.

The 2011 release delivers a complete modernization of the application interface. The new ribbon interface combines highly intuitive icons with complete customization capability—to bring clarity and knowledge sharing directly into the application. A key innovation in usability, the convenient dashboard mode supports automatic window tiling to maximize the workspace and reduce mouse movements. Furthermore, an intelligent right-mouse-click in context brings frequently used tools and actions directly to the users’ fingertips. All of these new developments ensure a significant increase in productivity.

The powerful workflow interface enables users to create comprehensive cross-domain analysis workflows that are applicable across single or multiple wells with equal ease. Workflows can be saved and shared as templates, edited and re-applied to new data facilitating consistency, ease of use and efficient sharing of expertise across asset teams.

“With the significant developments in usability, technology from GeoFrame and more advanced expertise contributions from Schlumberger, we continue to develop Techlog as the most capable wellbore package available on the market,” said Gottlib-Zeh.

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