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Sepura launches STProtect lone-worker safety and protection solution

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Sepura announces the addition of STProtect to its product portfolio at the TETRA World Congress 2012.  STProtect is an innovative indoor tracking and location solution primarily targeted at providing lone worker safety and protection across a wide range of sectors.  It works with Sepura STP8000 and STP9000 series hand-portable radios to provide a complete, built-in communications and location system for users in sectors where the security benefits of a TETRA solution are required, but where employee protection and location are also paramount.

STProtect is a complete solution and comprises:

  • STProtect-enabled Radios – A special STProtect module is located within the Sepura STP9000, 9100, 8000 and 8100 hand-portable radios.
  • STProtect Beacons – A series of battery-powered, IP65 STProtect radio beacons can be placed at key, user-defined positions within specific sites.
  • STProtect Software – An easy-to-use, fully-featured STProtect management software suite.

In addition to its core function of enabling operatives, particularly lone workers, to be located quickly and easily in an emergency, STProtect also enables organisations to control access to certain areas of sites, monitor employees’ location and movement and provide users, such as maintenance engineers and security guards, with set routes and checkpoints. As a solution, STProtect also offers exceptional levels of flexibility by, for example, allowing users to adjust the range and polling rate of the beacons, enabling the swift importing of building plans and establishing a variety of alarm scenarios.

Jens Thostrup, Senior Vice President at Sepura commented “STProtect will be particularly valuable to organisations such as airports, prisons, industrial sites, shopping centres and stadia.  These sectors often have a requirement for the multiple benefits, particularly security, of a TETRA radio system, but also face the challenge of having to track and locate staff indoors.

Summing up, Thostrup said “STProtect is a proven solution which is already working across a number of sites in Europe and is available for sale across the globe now. As the only dedicated TETRA-based integrated lone worker protection and indoor location system on the market, we believe that the prestigious TETRA World Congress is the ideal platform for its launch”.

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