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Tatneft: Ecology Is under Control

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

To ensure the environmental safety of crude oil production there is a set of technical, technological and organizational measures being implemented at JSC TATNEFT to provide for stable and reliable operation of the oil field facilities.

Application of corrosion-resistant pipes as well as the use of inhibitory and electrochemical corrosion protection exercise significant influence on improving the reliability of the equipment at the Company’s oil field facilities. 425 km of corrosion-resistant pipes and 2,328.9 tons of corrosion inhibitors were produced at JSC TATNEFT in the first half of 2013.

Cathodic protection was installed at 124 wells and electrochemical protection was provided for 270.9 km of pipelines, as well as corrosion protection was performed for inner surface of 7 vertical steel tanks.

Particular attention is paid to monitoring the state of the environmental situation in the area of the Joint Stock Company activities, preventing and reducing the negative environmental impact of crude oil production on all the components of the ecosystem. As a result of implementing measures to protect water bodies the chloride and petroleum products content in the major rivers of the oil-producing region of the Republic is stably maintained within the established limits. During the first half of 2013 there were made 4,150 sample analyses of surface water pools and drinking water sources.

Control of the atmospheric air of the settlements located in the area of JSC TATNEFT activities is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. 5,685 air sample analyses were performed during the first half of the year.

High efficiency of the environmental measures implemented by the Company in the region activities is confirmed by prestigious awards. At the outcome of the federal contest “100 best companies in Russia. Ecology and Environmental Management”, the results of which were summarized in the first half of 2013, JSC TATNEFT once again became the winner. Among the winners of the contest there were also two enterprises of the petrochemical complex: JSC “Nizhnekamskshina” and OOO “Nizhnekamsk Truck Tires Factory”. The high reward – honorary badge “Environmentalist of the Year” was presented to Shafagat Takhautdinov, the Company’s General Director.


Surgutneftegas: Investing in Ecology

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The funding of Surgutneftegas’ environmental activities in hydrocarbon production sector in 2012 amounted to 20.9 billion rubles. This year, the expected cost of the “Ecology” program is to be around 18.9 billion rubles.

Since its foundation, Surgutneftegas has paid special attention to the nature protection and anthropogenic impact on the environment. Nowadays, the environmental management system covers the entire production process chain.

The company employs more than 220 ecologists, 228 laboratory workers, 97 professionals in the divisions for prevention and elimination of consequences of emergency situations. Over 200 company employees get further education and training in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety every year.

Surgutneftegas cooperates with more than 20 academic institutions and non-governmental organizations in the field of industrial safety for the environment.

Every year, the company implements its “Ecology” program – a set of measures that include construction, renovation and upgrading of environmental facilities, protection of air, water and land resources; departmental monitoring, prevention and mitigation of incidents on the pipelines; waste treatment and disposal, etc.

Environmental monitoring results indicate that the general environmental situation in the operational zone of Surgutneftegas JSC is satisfactory. The impact of the industrial sites can be classified as acceptable, that is, ensuring compliance with the quality of the natural environment.

At year-end of 2012, Surgutneftegas became the winner of the annual contest “100 Best Companies of Russia. Ecology and Ecological Management.” General Director of the Company V.L.Bogdanov was awarded the badge “Environmentalist of the Year 2012″. These awards are a testament of the public recognition of the company achievements in the field of environment protection and creation of the conditions for safe production.

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Visited Tatneft

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Sergey Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, visited OAO TATNEFT in the frame of his two-day working visit to the Republic of Tatarstan.

During his stay in Tatarstan Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology met with Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Ildar Khalikov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Artem Sidorov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan, Shafagat Takhautdinov, General Director of OAO TATNEFT, Rinat Sabirov, Assistant to the President of Tatarstan and others also attended the meeting on the part of Tatarstan. The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of environmental protection, reduction of the negative impact on the environment through application of modern technologies, as well as subsoil use, etc.

During the working visit Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology visited OAO TATNEFT. The visit program included a meeting held at the head quarters of the Company with participation of General Director of OAO TATNEFT and senior executives of the Company, where the issues of current interest of crude oil production to expand benefits corridor with regard to small deposits development, state support of introducing enhanced oil recovery methods, etc. were discussed.

The delegation visited one of the largest research centers in the oil industry: TatNIPIneft Research and Design Institute of the Company, where they got acquainted with presentation of new activities of the Institute, with innovative technologies of the oil field development effective management, as well as the activity specifics of the core and crude oil analysis laboratory and so on.

The final point of the visit was the information processing center of OOO “TNG-Group”, an oil services company in Tatarstan, specializing in provision of geological and geophysical services for exploration and operation of the oil and gas fields.

The plans provide for continuation of discussing the issues of exploration, crude oil production and subsoil use started during the working visit in the course of further joint work.


TNK-Nizhnevartovsk to Invest over 850 Million Rubles in Improving the Environmental Situation in the Region in 2012

Monday, August 27th, 2012

TNK-Nizhnevartovsk (a TNK-BP subsidiary) will invest 850 million rubles in improving the environmental situation in the region. The funds will go to projects aimed at the environment protection and legacy remediation.

In order to minimize the operational activities impact on the society, TNK-Nizhnevartovsk has been implementing a comprehensive environmental program including nature conservation and environmental renovation measures.

The company is efficient in eliminating the outcomes of the active field development in the Soviet era: at present remediation activities are ongoing on the area of 60 ha, including 30 ha where the work will be completed as early as by the end of 2012. TNK-Nizhnevartovsk increased the legacy remediation investment twofold (up to 62 million rubles) in order to eliminate the contamination from the initial development of the fields. According to the plan, legacy contamination in TNK-Nizhnevartovsk’s fields is to be fully eliminated by the end of 2014.

“This year, TNK-BP has increased the scope of contaminated land remediation work in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District by 22%. In our view, sustainable development of the company is, first of all, commitment to environmental protection. Our main goal is not just to minimize the operational impact on the environment, but also to restore what was ruined during several decades of commercial development of oil fields in West Siberia. Application of new technologies and open dialogue with experts, ecologists, the society and the administration of the regions are the key factors needed for successful achievement of this goal,” Elena Kompasenko, Vice President, HSE, said.


Tatneft: Ecology Is under Control

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Compliance with the environmental legislation at the facilities of OAO TATNEFT is ensured by the production and environmental control system (PEC) and environmental analytical control.

For the first time in Russia the Company carried out research on the hygienic substantiation of maximum permissible concentrations of oil in the soil for the purpose of comprehensive assessment of the crude oil production impact on the state of the land plots. This basis was used for development and approval in a prescribed manner of acceptable norms for the allowable residual oil content in the soil after recultivation works in the amount of 2.9 g per 1 kg. The control of land resources is based on the mentioned figures.

Compliance with the established standards of pollutants maximum permissible emissions (MPE) into the air is monitored at 110 settlements located in the zone of the Company’s operations, as well as in the sanitary protection zones of 53 production facilities. Studies of the air basin are carried out for 33 ingredients. In parallel with the meteorological observations the wind speed and direction as well as temperature and relative humidity are measured. All air emissions from the stationary sources of the Company are within the established limits of the maximum permissible emissions (MPE).

Water bodies’ observation system of OAO TATNEFT consists of 1,276 sampling points. This includes observation points for the surface waters sources (springs, rivers, reservoirs) and the underground (artesian wells, wells) water bodies.

The industrial ecological control of water bodies is performed by a central chemical and analytical laboratory and by the field laboratories.

Control of the geologic environment is performed at OAO TATNEFT regarding dangerous exogenous and endogenous processes that may adversely affect the operation of the oil fields, as well as the engineering geological stability of the facilities and communications. A 1050 observation points network was established for monitoring and controlling the dynamic state of the geological environment within Romashkinskoye oil field territory.

The Company manages to maintain a favorable ecological situation within the region of its operations thanks to the introduction of advanced environmentally sound technologies for crude oil and gas production and transportation, including the technology of drilling horizontal wellbores and downhole splitters, dual operation of layers, within the well dumping of the formation water from the lower aquifer to the upper oil reservoir and others.


Taneco. Ecology Is under Control

Friday, April 6th, 2012

The Industrial Environmental Monitoring Laboratory of TANECO Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex (Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan) carried out 37,500 analyses and studies of air, waste and natural water in 2011.

Environmental solutions used by TATNEFT Company for implementing the TANECO crude oil refining and petrochemical Complex project meet all modern requirements. Obtaining rapid and reliable results is contributed by modern laboratory equipment and application of a mobile environment control station.

A Program to ensure environmental safety for 2011-2015 has been implemented at OAO TANECO. Its main objectives are to ensure the environmental safety of the ongoing production and business activities and improve the management system.

The Board of Directors of OAO TANECO approved the Company’s environmental policy in May 2011 defining the key areas of work and commitments of the NPiNHZ Complex to ensure the environment protection and establishing the level of environmental responsibility.

The system of water recycling, the technology applied, and the chemical treatment program of the cooling water ensure that consumption of fresh water accounts for 3 percent only of total water consumption, while the share of water recycling amounts to 97 percent

Biological wastewater treatment facilities of the Complex using combined modern bio-membrane technologies of wastewater treatment of the known international and Russian companies have no analogues in Russia. Their complex testing began at the end of 2011. The first results confirm the claimed features: the content of residual contaminants in the effluents is below the limits of permissible concentration for fishery water bodies.

In the short term it is expected to complete construction and commissioning of its own landfill and industrial waste disposal facilities, as well as facilities for neutralization and utilization of sludge, which are part of the TANECO treatment facilities. Currently, selective waste collection has been organized and more than four hundred containers have been purchased for temporary storage of various wastes kinds.

Project solutions on protection of atmospheric air also allow achieving a maximum reduction of emissions through application of modern technologies and equipment with low emission levels.



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