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ROGTEC Talks to Richard Niranen and Mick Wigglesworth of Sulzer Pumps

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Please introduce yourself with a short bio and your history in Russia

Rich Niiranen, Vice President, Business Segment Oil & Gas, Sulzer Pumps
Rich heads the Oil and Gas business segment. Based in USA, he has over 37 years of experience in Sulzer Pumps and 30 years in the Oil and Gas industry.

Mick Wigglesworth, Managing Director, Sulzer Pumps Ltd Russia
Mick heads the Sulzer Pumps operations in Russia. He has 38 years of service within Sulzer, mainly in Sulzer Pumps and Sulzer Turbo.

How long have you been doing business in the region?
Sulzer Pumps has been designing, manufacturing and servicing pumps since 1834. We are recognized for delivering state-of-the-art product quality and performance reliability for a wide range of demanding applications in its core market segments of Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, and Water and Wastewater. Sulzer Pumps has been active in the region for several decades and has a sales presence in Moscow and St Petersburg. Since 2010, we have established two service centers at Khimki (just outside Moscow) and Oktyabrsky (near Ufa) plus a small service Island in Yekaterinburg.  Russia is an important market for us and the target is to expand our presence with more service centers in the years to come.

Do you have a specific target markets in the region? (ie Russia, Kazakstan, key regions or market sectors offshore, EOR etc?)
Sulzer Pumps operates in the entire Russian pump market, serving different customer types and operating in its entire core market segment of Oil and Gas. Our product range and service offerings are customized for the region. We see a clear need for replacement or retrofit of most of Russia’s infrastructure and industrial facilities and are confident that we can provide our customers with the right solutions.

What are your key products for the region and their benefits?
Majority of customers are under pressure to improve the efficiency of installed equipment and to implement energy-saving initiatives. Customers need to balance the initial capital expenditure against the longer-term benefits. However, like all our customers, they require products with high availability and on-time delivery of services. Sulzer Pumps is committed to deliver the same high quality pumps and service standards to this market that the company is known for around the world. Sulzer Pumps is the global leader in supplying ultra high pressure water injection pumps and pipeline pumps for crude transport.  We see applications developing in Russia where this technology will be needed.

What potential is there for your products in the market?
In addition to the high quality new equipments, Sulzer Pumps offers upgrade and retrofit solutions to the Oil and Gas industry to answer these challenges worldwide. This includes proven capabilities in Russia and on Russian pumps. The essence of all upgrades and improvements is to use the maximum amount of original equipment to maintain existing operational parameters to gain significant time and costs savings. It is possible to achieve notable benefits to the process with minimum or no impact on the original footprint area, the drive system, the utility supplies, site interfaces, control and instrumentation among others.

How do you compare and compete with existing Russian Technology?
Sulzer Pumps started in the 1990′s to analyze operational behavior of Russian-made Water Injection (WI) and Main Oil Line (MOL) pumps for the Oil and Gas sector. The goal was to develop a program of pump upgrades and retrofits to help end-users lower operations costs by increasing energy efficiency to save power and improve pump reliability. This is offered by using as much of the original equipment as possible, to increase meantime between maintenance (MTBM) and reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability.

Sulzer Pumps success in the Oil and Gas industry is based on its unique ability to break through technological barriers and provide reliable equipment.  We are engaged with our customers from concept phase through design, manufacture, testing, installation and operation.  We continue to create world records in the pump business and our list of firsts is unequaled.  We produced the first 27 MW water injection pump and delivered the world’s highest pressure water injection pump (605 bar discharge pressure) and have recently designed a new pump for even higher pressure.

How do you see the market developing over the next 5 years in your industry sector?
Russia’s economic situation, size, natural resources, and ambitious projects, in particular the Oil and Gas sector provides an opportunity to support our customers’ by providing solutions that maximize operations and long-term values. The general growth in Russia creates a dynamic business atmosphere for all market segments. Furthermore, there is a large installed base of pumps that need to be significantly upgraded to improve efficiency and reliability.  We see opportunities in the Oil and Gas segment to employ Sulzer hydraulic, materials and rotor dynamic technology to improve the operation and lower operating costs for the installed base of pumps developed from years of proven experience and global success.

Do you have any new products being launched?
We have a vast range of innovations and product development running and in the pipeline, especially for the Power Generation, Oil and Gas and Water industries. We are among the few companies measuring the ecological impact of its products over its lifetime.

In the Oil and Gas industry, the trend is moving towards developing deepwater reserves. To cope with such a challenge, Oil and Gas companies have turned to subsea installations which offer not only accessibility to remote location but also maximize oil recovery. We have developed a portfolio of subsea solutions that meets application needs for flow line boosting of multiphase effluent directly from the well, single-phase duties including water injection or oil transport, and low gas carry under applications, such as oil transport after subsea separation.

Do you have any recent regional success stories?
We have several examples where we have completed major new business projects successfully in the region’s Oil and Gas upstream industry. Some highlights include the largest and most challenging pipeline projects across Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, plus the main pumps on other major pipelines in Russia as well as the world’s most powerful water injection pumps in Azerbaijan, the world’s largest multiphase pumps in Russia. We have also installed the largest boiler feed pumps and the worlds highest pressure water injection pumps in other parts of the world. The results in some of our retrofit/upgrade projects are really astounding. For example, we revamped some old Russian water injection pumps and increased the time between services from 8 000 to 45 000 hours as well as improving the power savings by up to 20%. We have similar examples for main oil line pumps and further successful examples of retrofitting Russian pumps for the power generation sector.

Any further comments?
Sulzer Pumps is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumping systems and solutions and related equipments. It is dedicated to improving customers’ pumping solutions and operational reliability. Our Customer Support Services team responds to industry service needs and is focused on ensuring high performance for all types of rotating equipments. The Swiss based company is a leader in the field of pumping equipment production, and is consistently in the global top 3 of its core market segments (Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power generation, Pulp and Paper as well as Water and Wastewater) owning 20 manufacturing facilities and over 60 service centers worldwide.

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