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TATNEFT Continues Development of their Vehicle Satellite Monitoring System

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

OAO Tatneft continues to equip motor vehicles with satellite monitoring systems, which is one of the areas of the Company’s resource-saving activities. As of the beginning of 2010, such systems were additionally installed at 1390 transport vehicles and the total number amounted to 7,715.

Implementation of the satellite monitoring system resulted in daily monitoring the movement routes of the motor vehicles and their speed rates. This allows to use more efficiently the vehicle stock, reduce unproductive and unwarranted runs, as well as to reduce fuel consumption with a concurrent positive effect in reducing the number of traffic rules violations and the strengthening of the transport discipline. Application of the system allowed reducing the average daily mileage of each motor vehicle by 25 percent and fuel consumption by 22 per cent.

The scope of satellite monitoring of motor vehicles used by the Company expands with application of the system to monitor the operation of the surface support service vehicles, control of the vehicles refueling events. In addition to the satellite monitoring of transport vehicles there is a control system of using fuel cards introduced and a decision has been worked out on controlling the level of fuel in the tank trucks. The Company has also organized control over the fuel consumption for steam generation at the mobile steam generating units.

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