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Tatneft: Implements Corrosion Protection Technologies

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

TATNEFT has been rapidly developing the activities aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of operating oilfield equipment and underground pipelines.

The specialists of the Company have proposed a new design solution of a non-conductive insert that increases the mechanical strength and integrity for the pipeline with an operating pressure of 21 MPa and is highly corrosion resistant when pumping conductive liquids such as waste water and watered crude oil. This ensures a high level of industrial and environmental safety.

Increase of the electrically insulating connection strength has been achieved through the rational use of metal plastic properties and alternation of different dielectric spacers. Tightness of the new nonconductive insert has been enhanced through application of polymeric materials with desired properties in the design and technology. Corrosion resistance of the insert has been increased by cathodic protection.

The new design named a mechanical electrically insulating pipeline connection (MEST) is already utilized in mass production.


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