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Tatneft Is Developing Dual Production Technologies

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

OAO TATNEFT has been actively developing technologies of dual completion and production (DCP) of two or more layers through one well to ensure oil fields efficient operation. As of June 1, 2012 the number of DCP installations totaled 1,383 with the produced crude oil volume amounting to 4,052,477 tons. The production resulting from application of dual production, dual production and injection and dual injection installations amounted to 124,779 tons of crude oil during May.

Application of dual production installations allows to simultaneously operate zones with different reservoir characteristics and properties, which increases the profitability of individual wells by connecting other formations of development or different productivity layers of the same development formation to them. The number of installations for dual production and dual production and injection amounted to 1,033 pieces as of June 1 with the total additional production from the beginning of operation amounting to 3,342,604 tons, including 105,864 tons in May. The average increase of the crude oil production rate per well since the beginning of the installations operation amounted to 3.65 tons per day.

The method of dual injection has been also successfully applied at the Company’s fields. The dual injection technology was applied to operate 350 injection wells as of June 1. The total volume of water injected through such wells in the involved layers from the beginning of their operation amounted to 10.3 million m3. The incremental crude oil production of the responding wells amounted to 709,873 tons, including 18, 915 tons produced in May.


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