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Tatneft: Production at Ashalchinskoye Exceeds 52t per Day

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

An average production rate of one well at Ashalchinskoye extra-viscous oil field of OAO TATNEFT exceeded 52 tons per day.

Pilot production of Ashalchinskoye extra-viscous oil field has been performed by NGDU “Nurlatneft” of OAO TATNEFT since 2006. The technology of steam assisted gravity drainage is applied in the field development using paired horizontal wells. Currently there are 11 pairs of horizontal wells drilled with 7 of them put into operation. The eighth pair is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of March of the current year.

Construction and commissioning of the domestically manufactured (Biysk) boiler of 50 tons of steam per hour capacity has been carried out in order to develop and inject steam into the reservoir at the field. The capacity of one boiler is used at present for steam injection into 9 injection wells. It generates about 550 tons of steam during 24 hours. The boiler operation at full capacity is planned for August of the current year as new wells will be put into operation.

The extra-viscous oil fields development project is expanding with support of governmental authorities, scientific organizations of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan. Experts and workers of NGDU “Nurlatneft”, TatNIPIneft and service companies have been involved in developing and implementing new technologies, equipment and working methods.


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