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TNK-BP Boosts Investment in Orenburg Pipeline Integrity by 36% in 2012

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

TNK-BP announces that LLC Buguruslanneft (part of the TNK-BP group of companies) is to expand investment in its pipeline integrity programme to 88 mln rubles in 2012 – 36% more than last year. The money will be used primarily to replace obsolete sections of pipe and apply inhibition and electrochemical techniques, together with other innovative technologies for internal and external anti-corrosion protection of pipelines.

Since 2004, TNK-BP has been funding an extensive pipeline infrastructure integrity programme, including spending of $270 mln in 2011 alone. The Company has inspected more than 6,000 km of its 23,000 km of pipelines, repairing over 700 km and dismantling more than 1,000 km of idle lines every year. As a result of the programme, TNK-BP has already renewed over 50% of its total pipeline network.

“Since TNK-BP began operating in Orenburg Region, investment in the Pipeline Integrity Programme has increased by 350%. Buguruslanneft’s pipeline integrity performance is currently the best amongst TNK-BP’s subsidiaries,” said Igor Kristyan, General Director of LLC Buguruslanneft.


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