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TNK-BP has launched production of Euro 5 diesel at Saratov Refinery

Friday, June 1st, 2012

TNK-BP announces the start of production of environmentally compliant Euro-5 diesel at Saratov Refinery (SNPZ, part of TNK-BP Group of companies).

As part of the program to start production of high quality diesel with improved environmental qualities, TNK-BP has carried out reconstruction of diesel hydrotreater L-24-6 at Saratov Refinery. It allowed to reduce sulfur content of produced diesel to the minimum level which correspond to Euro-5 standard.

According to Konstantin Gusarov, SNPZ Executive Director, by the year end Saratov Refinery plans to construct isomerization unit with annual throughput of 300 thousand tons, and to launch production of class 5 gasoline. “TNK-BP is implementing a large-scale program of revamping of its refining assets. It is aimed at increasing conversion rate and enhancing fuel quality. By launching production of environmentally sound Euro-5 diesel of higher quality, we can significantly reduce the impact of vehicles on environment”, he said.


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