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TNK-BP to Launch CarboNRT Frac Program at Samotlor

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

ТNК-ВР continues transferring best international technologies to enhance development of its hydrocarbon fields in Russia. OJSC Samotlorneftegaz (SNG), a subsidiary of TNK-BP, has launched a pilot project to test innovative reservoir stimulation technology, which combines hydraulic fracturing with cutting-edge CarboNRT traceable proppant.

Altogether, the 2012 program includes 20 fracturing jobs that will use proppant tagged with CarboNRT nonradioactive tracer. The new proppant is detectable with neutron logging tools at conventional recording speeds and provides accurate measurement of propped fracture height. This technology helps considerably improve production performance in mature fields. The overall 2012 wellwork program envisions ca. 500 conventional frac jobs, including 212 completed in the first quarter.

Mugammir Galiullin, General Director of SNG, said: “The key objective for SNG is to cut back the decline in oil production. Last year we carried out 634 frac jobs against the plan of 480 that delivered 841,000 tons of incremental oil production”.


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