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TNK-BP Warns Against Unscrupulous Trading Agents

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

TNK-BP Group warns of possible risks arising from cooperation with unscrupulous market participants which claim to act on behalf of the Company.

In relation to claims from companies which receive offers from unknown people acting allegedly in the name of the Company’s subsidiaries, to conclude supply contracts, TNK-BP informs that:

1) OJSC ONAKO ceased to exist in 2005. Web-site, which currently has, is in no way associated with TNK-BP Group and contains unreliable information.

2) CJSC RNPK and TNK Lubricants LLC (TNK-BP’s subsidiaries) don’t sell diesel and jet fuel.

3) TNK-BP and its subsidiaries don’t have contractual relationships with TTK-Terminal LLC, Megaservice LLC, TESKO LLC, WORLD ENERGIES LLC, USA, and don’t supply hydrocarbons to them.

TNK-BP and its subsidiaries are by no means accountable for activities of persons who act illegally in the name of the Group, and keep the right to take measures prescribed by the law to prevent fraud and violation of other rights.

TNK-BP calls on all market participants to check reliability of information about potential partners, which will help to mitigate possible risk of fraud. Up-to-date information about TNK-BP Group activities may be found at

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