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Updated PRODML Specifications Now Available for Public Review and Comment

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Energistics and the PRODML Special Interest Group (SIG) invite you to review the PRODML v1.2.2 data schema and v2.1.0.1 Generic Data Access (GDA) Service interface specifications. Changes include:

PRODML v1.2.2 Data Schemas
The pattern of schemaVersionString was modified to allow the third and fourth digits of the schema version to be any digit from 0 – 9.  This change was made to retain compatibility of old examples for use in the new schema.

Changes to the data schemas (all backward-compatible to PRODML v1.2.1):

  • Addition of new optional elements to Product Flow Expected Port and Unit Properties, Volume Parameter Set and Product Volume Common Properties.
  • Enhanced enumerations with addition of new elements such as isAbstract, parentKind, measureClass, minimum/maximum values, etc.

Changes to enumerations:

  • Addition of new values to Facility Parameter, Reporting Facility, Reporting Product and Reporting Property, and Value Status.

GDA v2.1.0.1

Correction to WSDL binding section that was causing problems for some parsers.

Comments and feedback about these specifications must be submitted by June 8, 2012, as instructed on the Energistics website.

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