Call for papers

Call for Papers

The editorial team, headed by Nick Lucan have one aim in mind: To deliver the best information available an audience eager to learn about new methods and ideas.

Since its launch in 2005, ROGTEC has built its reputation on the quality of its content. Working with the leading experts within each field, ROGTEC will continue to deliver accurate, targeted, valuable and educational technical articles, case studies and market analysis on an issue by issue basis. Editorial board & Partners

The result is that at ROGTEC we are always looking build new relationships with experts from the regions and world oil and gas market and are keen to talk to parties who wish to discus article or contribute editorial ideas toward the future success of the publication.

If you would like to contact with the editors team directly, please mail at

ROGTEC has a strict editorial policy that will not be compromised! Quality, educational and unbiased business reporting.

Many of our so called “competition” publications are heavily influenced by advertorials and after speaking with many regional engineers and oil expert we found one common request:- unbiased, interesting reading ...

We’ve taken this on board and is why ROGTEC is and will continue to be the Engineers Choice!


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