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Capital Safety is the world leader in fall protection products and solutions. Through its leading brand names DBI-Sala and Protecta, Capital Safety has been on the forefront of fall protection innovation for more than 50 years.

To ensure that workers are safe and employers have confidence they are providing their employees with the best protection possible.

With 9 operating sites around the world, over 3 000 trained distributors and more than 10 000 products, Capital Safety is able to bring solutions in any fall protection situation.

Life of workers is precious, confide it and entrust it to the best specialist taking benefice of the know-how on the Construction, Utility, Oil & Gas and Transportation markets.

Capital safety is also the pioneer in the development of intelligent safety technology, leading the way toward a new era of safety management solutions.

Training anytime, anywhere : With the best products and services in the industry come the best instructors/consultants. Our trainer’s experience and knowledge is a result of working in the safety industry for a variety of clients. Real life experience gained from the field sets our trainers apart from the rest.


Target Regions

Russia - CIS.

Areas of Activity

Capital Safety provides safety at height solutions for all oil & gas segments: from drilling rigs and supply vessels down to refineries and oil transport.

Key Projects

BP TNK, Gazprom, Schlumberger, TotalFinaElf, Shell.

Service Offering

Capital Safety has developed a whole range of products specifically for the OIL & GAS working environment. Product ranges:

- Harness: such as derrick harnesses, maintenance harnesses and tower climbing harnesses
- Lanyard: positioning, shock absorbing lanyards, 100% tie-off twin-leg talons…
- Self retracting lanyards and horizontal / vertical life lines, including sealed blocks for high durability in corrosive environments
- Rescue and descenders: Rollgliss rescue kit, an universal solution for the rescue of a worker remaining suspended after a fall
-Anchorage conectors such as our Vacuum Anchor system, unique solution for anchorage on any smooth surface

We are also pleased to present I-Safe, a revolutionary maintenance and inspection tracking system based on RFID technology.

Our systems have been designed for application in upstream & dowstream segments, such as:

  1. Drilling and Production: derrick harnesses for work on the monkey board, Trolmatic descender device for evacuation from derricks until 100 m long…
  2. Refineries and Transport: confined space entry systems providing fall protection and rescue solutions in places such as oil tankers and petrochemical plants; a unique

Portable Tanker Access Ladder System for safe access and fall protection on tankers, as well as our intrinsically safe range for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

All of Capital Safety’s fall protection and rescue systems are backed by the best Training, Technical Assistance and Customer Service in the industry.

Contact Details

Area Sales Manager
+7 926 853 91 77


Le Broc Center
Zi, 1ère avenue 5600 m - BP 15
06511 Carros Le Broc Cedex
T : 33 (0)4 97 10 00 10
F : 33 (0)4 93 08 79 70
Christophe Chausse
Oil and Gas Market Segment Manager

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