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ROGTEC is an upstream and pipelining magazine focusing on the exploration, drilling and production and pipelining sectors.  ROGTEC is circulated quarterly to a controlled and audited database of 12,500 field and head office personnel.  The circulation is free of charge to all qualified recipients.

With all equipment, service or construction contracts you need to speak with a wide range of key contacts from field personnel, divisional and head office contacts to designers and architects, analysist's and purchasing and contract managers.  At ROGTEC we work hand in hand with the regional operators, associations and service companies and manufactures to bring you the latest, most comprehensive and up to date circulation of any magazine in Russia and the Caspian.

ROGTEC targets four very clear and distinct business sectors within the Oil and Gas industry. 

  1. Firstly are the operating companies who manage or control the fields.  This includes all of the domestic majors and minors plus all of the international operators in the market.
  2. Secondly the Service companies who serve the market within exploration, drilling, completion, production, workover and pipelining
  3. Thirdly the contractors, including EPIC, who are involved in the infrastructure design, installation or supply i.e. Drilling Contractors,
  4. Finally the OEM’s who are supplying equipment and who are looking for component or part manufactures

The magazine is circulated to two different types of individuals within the region.  This approach helps you target all of the key decision makes, relevant to your products, across the whole target organization.  Whether it is a field engineer who you are looking to make aware of your products benefits then all the way through to the department heads back in the office for sign off or designers and architects to get your products specified into a project; ROGTEC has just the audience for you.

Circulation Audits

Is ROGTEC Audited?
No ROGTEC does not currently hold a BPA or ABC circulation audit.  However watch this space closely!

What is an audit?
The BPA and ABC organizations are independent bodies that will check the circulation claims of a publisher to give you 3rd party authenticity about the claimed circulation.  The audit simply gives you peace of mind about the publisher’s claims of circulation at two snap shot time periods in the year. It is not a continued guarantee the magazine will or has target the people you are looking to do business with.

Will ROGTEC get an audit?
Watch this space very closely.  We aim to achieve our audit in record time (due to our circulation data management). 

What changes will the audit mean should they be achieved?
Honestly speaking…nothing.  We have always had the best circulation in Russia with 12,500 people receiving a free quarterly copy.  Having a 3rd party confirm this won’t change the impact the magazine already has and the ROI our advertisers currently receive. 

What are the key benefits of an Audit?
You have clear, concise, breakdowns of the circulation.  An independent 3rd party confirms the figures.  The information is there for you to analyze to see if the magazine hits your target audience.

Are there any downsides of audits?
No there are none.  It is important to read the information supplied with an audit though. 
We have the opinion here that bulk drops at one address and show editions are vitally important copies to send out however they are copies sent to the 4 winds. The key is to use a magazine that sends out issues to an individually named database.  This is where you can be assured you are hitting the right target group of individuals.  We have 12,500.
Don’t be fooled with Audit statistic manipulation and report any such activity to the Auditing body.

Pass Along Readership
Is the term given to readers to who pass their copy to a friend to read.  Some publishing organizations conduct market research and use this figure as a multiplying factor to their total circulation.
I.E. 10,000 copies printed with a pass along readership of 4 people per issue give you a readership audience of 40,000.  40,000 readers seems a great deal in comparison to 10,000 printed copies
We believe this figure to be a false representation of what you are actually paying for.  It is impossible to tell that every issue will be shared between 4, 5 or 6 colleagues.  As a result you cannot guarantee the grand 40,000 readership.
We believe each copy of ROGTEC is too important to pass to a colleague.  If they wish to see a copy make them fill in the subscriptions form and send it back so they may have their own issue.  We will send a copy as soon as we receive the form.
Don’t be fooled with Pass Along statistic manipulation.

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