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ROGTEC Magazine issue 11

issue 11

Welcome to the 11th issue of ROGTEC, Russian Oil and Gas Technologies, Russia and the Caspian's premiere upstream O&G publication.

In this issue we are proud to announce our BPA audit application, to confirm ROGTEC as the most read and targeted readership regionally . . .also check out our international subscription of over 1,600 copies.

TNK-BP kicks this issue off, looking at fast tracking Orenburg discoveries and with the current industry buzz surrounding the digital oilfield, David Bamford discusses continuous seismic surveillance and intelligent wells. Dr. Stuart Scott , Texas A&M University looks at the ever increasing role of multiphase metering and the associated benefits and we continue by discussing superior performance and wet gas compression with progressive cavity multiphase pumps.

Continuing with our popular roundtable feature, our media partner Rosing, with Weatherford, Halliburton and PetroAlliance discuss market know-how within the Russian oilfield service sector and James F. Lea looks at well modelling for production optimization.

We finish by looking at Total's development of an iceberg drift model including wave effect and we round up with the latest Russian and Caspian oil and gas news - enjoy this issue!


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