Why advertise in ROGTEC Magazine

Why Advertise with ROGTEC

The Market

I am sure you will all agree that Russia and the Caspian are amongst the most important regions in the world in terms of future oil and gas supply - with Europe, Asia and the US increasingly looking to capitalize on the regions hydrocarbon wealth.

As a result investments into the regions oil and gas sector are at an all time high with huge funding driving the increased exploration of areas such as Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, whilst drilling and production has also benefited greatly from recent funding with the adaptation of new technology and field management techniques across the region.

And with the regions increasingly important role of energy supply, massive project have been put into place to develop new pipeline and transport networks as well as the rehabilitation of existing transport routes.

This has created a huge opportunity for companies with the right technologies, opening up a fresh market that has traditionally been a challenge to work in.

Something Fresh?

As with any industry, there is a need for information and Russia & the Caspian are no different. ROGTEC’s founders having extensive contacts and previous experience within the regions oil and gas sector, conducted market research on the various regional publications.

Although all have benefits, it was felt by the regions engineers and oil experts that too much editorial and content was being driven towards the advertisers’ products with less attention on real technology issues.
In short, there is an abundance of advertorial style publications in the region carrying similar messages – it was time for something fresh – ROGTEC, the engineers’ choice.

Target Market

Long before the first issue of ROGTEC was launched, it was realized that to have a successful publication, you need to have the correct readership audience.

To maximise ROGTEC’s market impact, huge investments were made into developing an accurate, targeted database that maximised advertiser awareness, see circulation.

Over the last years we have also developed unbreakably strong relationships with the leading associations, regional majors and JV’s, see partners,  that see them not only work with us as content partners but also help maximise our circulation.

With ROGTEC also present at all the major regional exhibitions, see 2009 show attendance, we will ensure maximum regional awareness for all advertisers.

Watch this Space

ROGTEC will soon make an important announcement with regards to circulation audit!


ROGTEC, dedicated to bringing true content to our readers, has a strict editorial policy that sees only non-biased and independent content delivered to our audience.

We have an in house team of expert petroleum editors working directly with the regions and worlds leading oil and gas figures, to ensure the very best content.

It is widely accepted that ROGTEC’s content is second to none within Russia and the Caspian and that will be reflected in the benefits to advertisers.

Excellent Readership, Unmatched Content – True Marketing Value, ROGTEC – the engineers’ choice! 

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