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SPD was set up as a joint venture in 1996 with a view of developing the Salym group of oilfields, located in Western Siberia. SPD is a 50:50 split venture between Shell Salym Development B.V. and OAO NK Evikon, which is now a subsidiary of Sibir Energy plc.

SPD looks to adopt the valuable and advanced features of regional Russia oil production experience and combine this with the best practices of both the shareholders and other leading companies. SPD believes that a combination of the different operational cultures will ensure a performance that make SPD one of the best in class oil producing companies in Russia.

During the implementation of the Salym Project, SPD set itself the benchmark of being one of the best in class operators. SPD seeks to become a company recognised for its state of the art production practices as well as high health, social commitments and a high standard of environmental care. SPD is an operator that is regarding for appreciating local social and economic issues and makes an appropriate contribution to resolving them.

Based on the outlined principles and values, the SPD team is working on the Salym Project with great devotion and interest, SPD is fully confident that its successful implementation will help contribute to the overall growth of the Russian oil sector and will further the economic growth of both Western Siberia and Russia as a whole.


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