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Seal-Tite is a service company that provides engineered leak analysis and repairs, utilizing proprietary pressure activated sealant technology. This technology utilizes differential pressure across a leak site to cause a liquid sealant to polymerize into a flexible solid. This reaction occurs only at the leak site. Once the seal is formed, the remaining liquid sealant may be left in the system or flushed out.

Since 1995, Seal-Tite has performed over 2000 leak repair operations worldwide. Repairs include leaks in: surface controlled safety systems, wellheads, hangers, tubing, casing, pipelines/flowlines, downhole equipment, subsea equipment, and microannulus cement channels.

Target Regions

Azerbaijani, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Vietnam and China.

Areas of Activity

Upstream market onshore, offshore and subsea.

Key Projects

Zadco -  Abu Dhabi
Maersk – Qatar
British Gas – India
BP – Azerbaijan
Schlumberger – Azerbaijan
DPC - Dubai

Service Offering

Seal-Tite provides engineered leak analysis and repairs to cure downhole, subsea and control system leaks without a rig. With offices in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, China, Houston, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Norway, United Kingdom and West Africa, Seal-Tite has the capability to quickly mobilize for leak repairs throughout the world.

Contact Details

Seal-Tite International
500 Deer Cross Drive
Madisonville, Louisiana USA 70448

Barry Ellis – President
Neil Cary – V.P. Operations
Mike Romano – Business Development Manager
Bob Taylor – Executive Sales

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