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Van Oord
capital safety.

Van Oord is an international Dredging, Marine and Offshore Contractor with more than 100 years of experience that offers dredging, high precision subsea rock installation, trenching & backfilling, landfall installation, shallow water pipe lay, pipe pulling and SPM & GBS installation works. With an extensive global track record in the dredging and offshore construction industry, Van Oord Offshore has proven its expertise to provide clients with a safe and solid solution for their projects. More information can be found on

Target Regions

Van Oord works worldwide and targets all regions that belong to the Former Soviet Union.

Areas of Activity

Van Oord is active in dredging, marine and offshore contracting works.

Key Projects

Van Oord has executed, and is still executing, projects all over the FSU, both in the Far North (near Yamal peninsula) as in the East (Sakhalin) and Caspian region.

Service Offering


  • land reclamation and artificial islands
  • extension and improvement of harbours and waterways
  • maintenance of harbours and waterways
  • beach nourishment and foreshore replenishment
  • environmental dredging
  • trench dredging and backfilling
  • deep sea dredging
  • drilling and blasting



  • subsea rock installation
  • offshore construction and installation (GBS, SPM)
  • landfall construction (including pipepull)
  • trench dredging and backfilling
  • shallow water pipelay


Coastal construction

  • dike construction
  • breakwater and groynes
  • construction
  • breakwater remedial works
  • shore protection
  • erosion protection
  • river training


Infrastructure marine

  • quay wall and jetty construction
  • outfall construction
  • tunnel construction
  • construction of locks and bridges


Infrastructure land

  • vertical and horizontal drainage
  • ground works for industrial and residential building sites
  • construction of earth tracks for roads, bridges and railways
  • supply of sand, clay and rock
  • excavation of enclosed sites


Renewable energy

Full EPC packages for offshore wind farm installation.

Contact Details

Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors
7th Line Vasilievskii Island, 76A/office 613-615199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia
T +7 812 332 92 75
F +7 812 332 92 76
E [email protected]

Van Oord Offshore
Office 212, 15 Kedrova str. 117036 Moscow, Russia
T +7 499 129 12 90 / 7 499 129 09 90
F +7 495 626 59 91
E [email protected]

Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors
Baku Azerbaijan
Caspian Plaza 1, 7th floorJ. Jabbarli 44, Baku AZ1065, Azerbaijan
T +994 50 50 12865
E [email protected]

Baltic Marine Contractors SIA
Alises Str. 2LV-1046 Riga, Latvia
T +371 67607430
F +371 67607431
E [email protected]

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